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Never Let Her Go

A Patterson Blake Thriller

Patterson Blake is in more danger than ever before…

Following the clues of her sister’s disappearance to Amarillo, FBI Special Agent Patterson Blake is hopeful she will finally learn the truth about Julie. But there’s a problem. The man who might hold those answers has been accused of a heinous crime. One he claims to be innocent of.

When Patterson starts to dig into the case, she stumbles upon a dangerous conspiracy that threatens to not only derail her search for Julie but could also get her killed.

With the clock ticking and her very life in danger, Patterson must unravel a plot bigger than any she has ever encountered, even as forces she cannot control close in around her with one aim… To stop her by any means necessary.


A great story, echoing the unnerving chill we all got from The Silence Of The Lambs. Grabbed me from the opening words and kept me glued to the page right through the brilliant finish. FBI Special Agent Patterson Blake is a real one-woman wrecking ball, and Sister Where Are You is a real winner of a story.

– Dan Allatore

USA Today Bestselling Author


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