Book Three

All The Dead Girls

A Patterson Blake Thriller

Some monsters prowl in daylight…

FBI Special Agent Patterson Blake is armed with new information and ready to continue the search for her sister Julie, who disappeared sixteen years ago on a cross-country road trip.

But Dallas isn’t done with her yet.

A predator is on the loose, snatching girls off their bicycles as they ride home from school and carrying them away. When the girls start showing up dead, investigators realize they have something even worse on their hands. A depraved psychopath with an unknown agenda.

Ordered to stay in Dallas a while longer, Patterson and her rookie partner, Marcus Bauer, must find this burgeoning serial killer before he kills again.

Available in e-book, and paperback.

A great story, echoing the unnerving chill we all got from The Silence Of The Lambs. Sister Where Are You is a real winner of a story.

– Dan Allatore

USA Today Bestselling Author

This author has never disappointed me! Each book seems to be better than the last! Two thumbs up, way up!

– Brenda B.

Amazon Reviewer

The second full length outing for FBI Special Agent Patterson Blake is another great thriller. A definite good read for fans of Patterson, Deaver and Kava.


Amazon Reviewer